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Paul, French obstetrician, 1795-1871.
Dubois abscess - small cyst of the thymus reported in congenital syphilis but also found in the absence of syphilis. Synonym(s): Dubois disease; thymic abscess
Dubois disease - Synonym(s): Dubois abscess
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Robert Doisneau: Palm Springs 1960 by Jean Paul Dubois, pounds 22.
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The 6 1/2-year search for the shooter of the DSS social worker came to an end when 39-year-old construction worker Paul DuBois was arrested in Branson, Mo.
For more information on Tomasi-Dubois: Paul Dubois, executive director, Tomasi-Dubois & Associates; phone: 408/354-8787; e-mail: pdubois@tomasidubois.
Programs about Programs - Paul Dubois, Lawrence Livermore National
Francis Moore Lappe and Paul DuBois, co-directors of the Center for Living Democracy, focused participants' attention on the large and growing number of successful experiments in citizen participation that are taking place in large and small communities all over the country.
MySQL, 4th Edition, authored by Paul DuBois (http://safari.
Sister of Paul DuBois of CT and the late Rene and Charles DuBois.
Which is why Paul Dubois, who has smoked for 20 years, is standing outside the city's trendy Vesuvio bar in the rain wearing a T-shirt and is colder than a mountaineer in his birthday suit.
More than 100 conference delegates attended the seminar The living Democracy: Building Citizen Involvement led by Francis Moore Lappe and Paul Dubois.
MySQL Certification Study Guide, by best-selling MySQL authors Paul DuBois and Stefan Hinz and Carsten Pedersen, Certification Manager at MySQL AB, will help MySQL users study for the MySQL Core and Professional certification exams.
Kennedy School of Government; Frances Moore Lappe' and Paul DuBois, co-founders of the Institute for the Arts of Democracy.