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Paul, French obstetrician, 1795-1871.
Dubois abscess - small cyst of the thymus reported in congenital syphilis but also found in the absence of syphilis. Synonym(s): Dubois disease; thymic abscess
Dubois disease - Synonym(s): Dubois abscess
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Contract notice: modernization work of three sanitary, preschool located 6 rue paul dubois - 75003 paris - 201617329
The Musee Dubois-Boucher was founded in 1902 with donations from Paul Dubois (1829-1905) and Alfred Boucher (1850-1934), two accomplished sculptors who lived and worked in Nogent-sur-Seine.
En 1876 la familia se traslado de Aisne a Nogentsur-Seine, donde conocieron al escultor Paul Dubois, quien fuera director de la Escuela Superior de Bellas Artes de Paris.
Robert Doisneau: Palm Springs 1960 by Jean Paul Dubois, pounds 22.
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The 6 1/2-year search for the shooter of the DSS social worker came to an end when 39-year-old construction worker Paul DuBois was arrested in Branson, Mo.
Work Author(s): Paul DuBois Jacobs and Jennifer Swender; Selina Alko, illustrator
Assistant Deputy Minister of Canada's Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Paul Dubois said that some 50 initiatives were discussed, covering social security issues like how to deal with handicapped people and the looming pensions crisis, to decriminalising cannabis and same-sex marriages.
For more information on Tomasi-Dubois: Paul Dubois, executive director, Tomasi-Dubois & Associates; phone: 408/354-8787; e-mail: pdubois@tomasidubois.
MySQL Cookbook by Paul DuBois (ISBN: 0-596-00145-2, $49.
Francis Moore Lappe and Paul DuBois, co-directors of the Center for Living Democracy, focused participants' attention on the large and growing number of successful experiments in citizen participation that are taking place in large and small communities all over the country.
Sainte-Beuve attended the University of Paris and in 1825 was drawn into journalism by a former teacher, Paul Dubois, editor of a new liberal periodical, Le Globe, in whose pages he published his first essays.