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Paul, French surgeon, neurologist, and anthropologist, 1824-1880.
Broca angle - the angle formed at the basion of lines drawn from the nasion and the alveolar point; the angle formed by the intersection at the biauricular axis of lines drawn from the supraorbital point and the alveolar point; the posterior superior angle of the parietal bone. Synonym(s): Broca basilar angle; Broca facial angle; occipital angle of parietal bone
Broca aphasia - any of the varieties of aphasia in which the power of expression by writing, speaking, or signs is lost. Synonym(s): motor aphasia
Broca area - Synonym(s): Broca center
Broca basilar angle - Synonym(s): Broca angle
Broca center - the posterior part of the inferior frontal gyrus of the left or dominant hemisphere, essential component of the motor mechanisms governing articulated speech. Synonym(s): Broca area; Broca field; Brodmann area 44; motor speech center
Broca diagonal band - a white fiber bundle descending in the precommissural septum toward the base of the forebrain.
Broca facial angle - Synonym(s): Broca angle
Broca field - Synonym(s): Broca center
Broca fissure - the fissure surrounding Broca convolution.
Broca formula - a fully developed man should weigh as many kilograms as he is centimeters in height over and above 1 meter.
Broca parolfactory area - a small region of cerebral cortex on the medical surface of the frontal lobe demarcated from the subcallosal gyrus by the posterior parolfactory sulcus. Synonym(s): parolfactory area
Broca pouch - a pear-shaped encapsulated collection of connective tissue and fat in each labium majus. Synonym(s): pudendal sac
Broca visual plane - a plane drawn through the visual axes of each eye.
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See, for example, Paul Broca, Sur le plan de la tete et sur la methode trigonometrique .
A respected scientist, physician, anthropologist, and statesman, Pierre Paul Broca died suddenly in the prime of his life at the age of 56.
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In 1865, French physician Pierre Paul Broca first proposed that the vast majority of right-handed people "speak' with their left hemispheres.
Paul Broca (1824-80), founder of the Paris Society of Anthropology in 1859, believed the Paris Ethnological Society (active from 1839 to 1848; hereafter abbreviated SEP) a worthy predecessor in studying the "intellectual and moral characteristics" and "role in civilization" of certain "races.
Total quantity or scope: This consultation is to define the work required for the creation of a monitoring and transfer of Cardiology - the Paul Broca - levels 03 and 04 of the Bicetre hospital.