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Paul, French surgeon, neurologist, and anthropologist, 1824-1880.
Broca angle - the angle formed at the basion of lines drawn from the nasion and the alveolar point; the angle formed by the intersection at the biauricular axis of lines drawn from the supraorbital point and the alveolar point; the posterior superior angle of the parietal bone. Synonym(s): Broca basilar angle; Broca facial angle; occipital angle of parietal bone
Broca aphasia - any of the varieties of aphasia in which the power of expression by writing, speaking, or signs is lost. Synonym(s): motor aphasia
Broca area - Synonym(s): Broca center
Broca basilar angle - Synonym(s): Broca angle
Broca center - the posterior part of the inferior frontal gyrus of the left or dominant hemisphere, essential component of the motor mechanisms governing articulated speech. Synonym(s): Broca area; Broca field; Brodmann area 44; motor speech center
Broca diagonal band - a white fiber bundle descending in the precommissural septum toward the base of the forebrain.
Broca facial angle - Synonym(s): Broca angle
Broca field - Synonym(s): Broca center
Broca fissure - the fissure surrounding Broca convolution.
Broca formula - a fully developed man should weigh as many kilograms as he is centimeters in height over and above 1 meter.
Broca parolfactory area - a small region of cerebral cortex on the medical surface of the frontal lobe demarcated from the subcallosal gyrus by the posterior parolfactory sulcus. Synonym(s): parolfactory area
Broca pouch - a pear-shaped encapsulated collection of connective tissue and fat in each labium majus. Synonym(s): pudendal sac
Broca visual plane - a plane drawn through the visual axes of each eye.
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Lo cierto es que en 1879, ano en que Moreno se matriculo en la Escuela de Antropologia de Paris, esta institucion era todavia muy reciente ya que habia sido creada por Paul Broca solo cuatro anos antes, en 1875.
Para encontrar el primer hito, el primer mojon de ese programa, tenemos que dar otro salto hacia atras, hasta 1859, ano en que Paul Broca fundo la Sociedad de Antropologia de Paris.
Entonces, la creacion de la Sociedad de Antropologia por Paul Broca es el primer hecho de ese ano de 1859 que se va a tener en cuenta.
A respected scientist, physician, anthropologist, and statesman, Pierre Paul Broca died suddenly in the prime of his life at the age of 56.
the university south paris, includes the construction of a building R + 4 to educational use, offices and research - building paul broca - on plots located in the Southwest existing buildings of the faculty of Medicine.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The brain's speech area, named after 19th century French physician Pierre Paul Broca, shuts down when we talk out loud, according to a new study that challenges the long-held assumption that 'Broca's area' governs all aspects of speech production.
In the 1860s, French physician Pierre Paul Broca pinpointed this prefrontal brain region as the seat of speech.
Paul Broca (1824-80), founder of the Paris Society of Anthropology in 1859, believed the Paris Ethnological Society (active from 1839 to 1848; hereafter abbreviated SEP) a worthy predecessor in studying the "intellectual and moral characteristics" and "role in civilization" of certain "races.
Blanckaert, "L'esclavage des noirs et l'ethnologie americaine: Le point de vue de Paul Broca en 1858" in Nature, histoire, societe: essais en hommage a Jacques Roger (eds.
In 1865, French physician Pierre Paul Broca first proposed that the vast majority of right-handed people "speak' with their left hemispheres.
The premises concerned are at - 4 buildings and Daniel Alagille Paul Broca in the grounds of the Bicetre Hospital including the fire safety system will be replaced.
Total quantity or scope: This consultation is to define the work required for the creation of a monitoring and transfer of Cardiology - the Paul Broca - levels 03 and 04 of the Bicetre hospital.