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Laparoscopic cholecystectomy is comparatively easier in Tribals than non-Tribals due to difference in pathoanatomy including relatively redundant mesentery of Gall bladder making the dissection easier.
Pathoanatomy and etiology of posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.
This review will focus on osseous defects of the humeral head (Hill-Sachs lesion) and address the pathoanatomy, diagnosis, indications, and surgical techniques for the treatment of these lesions.
Movin T (1998) Aspects of aetiology, pathoanatomy and diagnostic methods in chronic midportion Achillodynia.
Over the years, an improved understanding of the biomechanics and pathoanatomy has expanded our treatment options for lateral ankle instability.
The pathoanatomy of lateral ligamentous disruption in complex elbow instability.