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Kirker is headquartered in Paterson, New Jersey and has manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe.
Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey, was transformed when Francis Cauffman built a new critical care building (COB), improved circulation, and renovated hospital entrances.
Examining the archaeological research into two pre-Famine sites in Ireland, and at immigrant tenements in New York City and Paterson, New Jersey, the author compares the ceramics and other artifacts to show the cultural continuity (and diversity) of the Irish on the two sides of the Atlantic.
Paterson, New Jersey, with her frog friend who helps get kids talking
Before they hit the open road this summer, more than 1,100 bikers felt the call to go to Mass in Paterson, New Jersey in early May.
As a final step in the transition, EverBank Reverse Mortgage has also moved its national headquarters from West Paterson, New Jersey, where it inhabited a Bank of New York building, to a state-of-the-art EverBank facility in Bloomfield, New Jersey, that can accommodate the anticipated growth of EverBank Reverse Mortgage as well as house the company's sales and call center, said Sivori.
The police in Paterson, New Jersey, were mystified as to why a burglar did not flee but instead attacked when a homeowner walked in on him in her house.
Rivers, editorial page editor, Herald News, West Paterson, New Jersey
Rich began collecting minerals and fossils as a youngster in 1957, and in 1963, he made his first visit to a trap rock quarry to collect zeolites and associated species, at the Upper New Street quarry in Paterson, New Jersey.
At age 41, the Salmons had spent all their lives in Paterson, New Jersey, but decided moving up meant moving out.
Ann Bianchetti teaches grades 5-8 at the Academy of Performing Arts Middle School in Paterson, New Jersey.
On 8 April 1998, an explosion and fire occurred during the production of a dye at a chemical plant in Paterson, New Jersey (CSB 2000).