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Donald R., English otolaryngologist, 1863-1939. See: Paterson-Kelly syndrome, Paterson-Brown-Kelly syndrome.
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Paterson, 25, a former supermarket worker, had previously become friends with the woman after they met through his employment.
Paterson, a former supermarket worker, was found guilty after a trial earlier this year.
Mr Paterson, a former cabinet minister, said the party had no chance of winning an election if Britain did not meet the October 31 date to leave the EU.
William Paterson University President Richard Helldobler explained that federal entities will sponsor research and the university is seeking grants.
Paterson has continued to deny the offence, to police, the probation service and in front of Judge Bourne Arton.
And it soon became apparent as to why Paterson played on the right-hand side of midfield rather than as a wing-back.
I actually turned around I think for the second goal, it was a bad left-footed shot from Paterson, and I went towards the bench and they were jumping up because we'd scored.
Campaigners fear the NHS and private breast treatment reviews undertaken risk missing out Paterson's general surgery patients, who had operations such as gall bladder removal.
Paterson is the story of a marine turned bus driver named Paterson who writes poetry.
About 750 private patients treated by Paterson will get a payout from the sum, the Birmingham Post, revealed last week.