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pateras (pä·teˑ·räs), in Curanderismo, the Mexican-American healing system, the term for
midwives. See parteras.
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The theory of lava waves in Loki Patera - about 200 kilometers (127 miles) across, with a surface area of 21,500 square kilometers, larger than Lake Ontario - is a popular one.
Today, things are evolving, the patisseries are becoming trendy spots and the pastry chefs are real celebrities," Patera asserts.
TREASURED From left, the Ilam Pan and the Amiens Patera, which are also believed to be Wall souvenirs
The study examined images taken in 2007 and 2010 of the Nili Patera sand dune field located near the Martian equator.
com'," said Julien Patera, one of the four founders.
Twarock and Jiri Patera of the University of Montreal had previously devised mathematical models for constructing certain quasi-crystals.
Until the discovery of this pan,only two other examples were known with inscriptions naming forts on Hadrian's Wall -the Rudge Cup, discovered in Wiltshire in 1725,and the Amiens Patera, found in Amiens in 1949.
Que interviene cuando entra la patera en aguas espanolas.
According to Anthony Patera, professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, "This method of teaching through games is great for preschoolers and elementary level kids, but doesn't fully address the needs of the more advanced student.
Tenders are invited for Jungle Cutting and desilting work of Main Canal, Feeder canal, Patera branch canal of Haranv Stage -I.
Belgium's slick and sharp Francesco Patera was handed only the second defeat of his professional career as two judges ruled in favour of Dodd, the champion keeping his title 96-94, 96-94, 95-96.