patch clamping

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patch clamp·ing

a technique used in the study of ion channels in which the movement of ions across a small patch of isolated membrane is measured when the membrane is electrically polarized or hyperpolarized and maintained at that potential.
Synonym(s): patch clamp
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The company said the Dynaflow Resolve system is considered by many, to be the premier secondary ion channel screening platform on the market, offering high time resolution for any cell type, any ion channel, and in any patch clamp configuration.
Contract awarded for Supply and delivery of consumables (200 pieces of patch clamp plates) for lee kong chian school of medicine
Their topics include applying immunofluorescence to analyze connexin distribution and trafficking, the patch clamp analysis of gap junction channel properties, recording gap junction-mediated synaptic transmission in vivo at mixed synapses on the goldfish Mauthner cells, assessing connexin hemichannel function during ischemic injury and reperfusion, the functional characterization of connexin hemichannels using Xenopus oocytes and the two-electrode voltage clamp technique, and methods to examine the role of gap junction and pannexin channels in HIV infection.
Using whole-cell patch clamp technique, we studied the characteristic changes of ion channels and action potentials (APs) in isolated SG neurons in control group (n = 20), MI group (n = 20) and fluvastatin pretreated group (fluvastatin group, n = 20), respectively.
Heka ia a developer of patch clamp amplifier instrumentation for biomedical research applications.
The temperature control acid-on module has been specifically developed to enable high-performance patch clamp experiments at physiological temperatures.
com)-- Graeme Daniels, Sales Director at Cytocentrics, said “We are extremely happy to have found a company of SciPro's calibre to work with to bring our new CytoPatch2 automated patch clamp system to the North American market.
In contrast to single-cell, acute techniques like patch clamp, the xCELLigence system provides real-time, label-free beating pattern analysis and is used in a fully controlled environment (within a tissue culture incubator) for continuous short-term and long-term experiments, allowing for more physiologically relevant data.
based Fluxion Biosciences has introduced F1 giga-ohm seal plates for the IonFlux automated patch clamp system.