patch clamping

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patch clamp·ing

a technique used in the study of ion channels in which the movement of ions across a small patch of isolated membrane is measured when the membrane is electrically polarized or hyperpolarized and maintained at that potential.
Synonym(s): patch clamp
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Contract award: delivery amplifiers, transmitters and software for measurement using patch clamp, amikroskopu - part 4: an inverted microscope with fluorescence.
In its GLP-compliant laboratories, Southern Research recently implemented an in vitro screening program on CytoPatch(TM) C the automated patch clamp platform C and successfully demonstrated in vitro hERG ion channel blocking by drug candidates.
Qube is a 384-channel automatic patch clamp system that delivers ion channel data at an unprecedented throughput.
com)-- Graeme Daniels, Sales Director at Cytocentrics, said “We are extremely happy to have found a company of SciPro's calibre to work with to bring our new CytoPatch2 automated patch clamp system to the North American market.
In contrast to single-cell, acute techniques like patch clamp, the xCELLigence system provides real-time, label-free beating pattern analysis and is used in a fully controlled environment (within a tissue culture incubator) for continuous short-term and long-term experiments, allowing for more physiologically relevant data.
Bert Sakmann and Erwin Neher performed the first patch clamp single-channel recordings in 1976, for which they were awarded the Nobel Prize in 1991.
In general, patch clamp recordings from membrane patches containing multiple channels exhibit an independent gating behavior consistent with binomial probability distribution.
Budipine is a low affinity, N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist: Patch clamp studies in cultured striatal, hippocampal, cortical and superior colliculus neurones.
Products include the BioFlux(TM) System for studying cellular interactions, the IonFlux(TM) System for high throughput patch clamp measurements, and the IsoFlux(TM) System for circulating tumor cells.
Measuring ionic current through the channels requires a patch clamp system sensitive enough to record a small signal-on the order of pico to nano amps (10[sup.