pastoral counseling

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pas·to·ral coun·sel·ing

the use of psychotherapeutic methods by members of the clergy, members of a religious community, and/or lay therapists for parishioners seeking help with personal problems.
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My volunteer work as pastoral counselor at the Edsa shrine keeps me busy.
Thomas; and psychotherapist and pastoral counselor Bill Utz, LCPC.
Usually, a spiritual leader receives mental health training and education before taking on a more formal role as a pastoral counselor. Some of these individuals are licensed psychologists, therapists or social workers.
Perhaps more than his Conservative counterparts, Katz understood the historical factors that caused the contraction of rabbinic authority in America, especially the modern bifurcation of the rabbi's roles as a communal functionary and as a pastoral counselor to troubled individuals:
Additionally, they facilitate and conduct meaningful worship services and must be a pastoral counselor for offenders, individually and in groups.
I explained to her that if she was working as a pastoral counselor, and receiving her compensation directly from the church, she may not be in violation of the law.
From that, Herb Barish, then a social work intern and Edward Brown, a pastoral counselor began the Lower Eastside Service Center (LESC) to respond to the heroin epidemic that was tearing through the community.
LeBlanc, a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as pastoral counselor, led a ''Relationship 101'' workshop for the 17 young nursing students at the hospital, many of whom had already experienced abuse and bad romantic encounters.
* Is your patient interested in working collaboratively with an R/S provider--eg, clergy, pastoral counselor?
He is the author of a half dozen books in pastoral ministry, including No Such Thing as Over the Hill, 90% of Helping Is Just Showing Up, Family at Work, Waiting for Morning, and The Pastoral Counselor Treatment Planner.