Pasteurella aerogenes

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Pasteurella aerogenes

a species found in swine that may cause human wound infections resulting from pig bites.
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Pas·teu·rel·la ae·rog·e·nes

(pas'tūr-el'ă ār-oj'jĕ-nēz)
A bacterial species found in swine that can infect human wounds after pig bites.
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Louis, French chemist and bacteriologist, 1822-1895.
Pasteurella aerogenes - species found in swine that can cause human wound infections following a pig bit.
Pasteurella multocida - bacterial species associated with dogs and cats.
Pasteurella pestis - Synonym(s): Yersinia pseudotuberculosis
Pasteurella "SP" - a rarely encountered organism that can cause infection after a guinea pig bite
Pasteurella tularensis - Synonym(s): Francisella tularensis
Pasteur effect - the inhibition of fermentation by oxygen, first observed by Pasteur.
Pasteur pipette - a cotton-plugged, glass tube drawn out to a fine tip, used for the sterile transfer of small volumes of fluid.
Pasteur vaccine
pasteurellosis - infection with bacteria of Pasteurella.
pasteurization - bacteria destruction process.
pasteurizer - pasteurization apparatus.
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