passive-aggressive behavior

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pas·sive-ag·gres·sive be·hav·ior

apparently compliant behavior, with intrinsic obstructive or stubborn qualities, to cover deeply felt aggressive feelings that cannot be more directly expressed.
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pas·sive-ag·gres·sive be·ha·vi·or

(pasiv-ă-gresiv bĕ-hāvyŏr)
Apparently compliant behavior, with intrinsic obstructive or stubborn qualities, to cover deeply held aggressive feelings that cannot be more directly expressed.
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What I didn't understand was that she filled his childhood with manipulation, passive-aggression, severe OCD and hoarding, and helicopter parenting.
Repressed anger finds outlets in the manifestation of other behaviours such as powerlessness, learned helplessness, passive-aggression, anxiety, conflict avoidance and long-term depression.
class="MsoNormalHis lyrics are nothing other than zingy nebulousness, perennial bragging and braggadocious passive-aggression.
As children who were dependent on such abusive adults, we developed mechanisms to protect ourselves--such as passive-aggression to communicate our feelings.
Then came McDougal, and more wifely passive-aggression followed: On Friday, Melania's office, citing a scheduling issue, announced she would drive alone to Andrews Air Force Base rather than helicopter there with her husband from the White House.
Passive-Aggression: Understanding the Sufferer, Helping the Victim, 2nd Edition
We know nothing about the lives of people, about how much they may have on their plate at any given point of time, and what prompted them to commit actions that are cruel or passive-aggression. Unless we truly forgive them and detach ourselves mentally from the situation in a healthy way, we cannot move on.
This reckless driving behaviour can be a form of passive-aggression or thrill-seeking.
If you're an olive You are: Kind and gentle and emotionally tuned-in You like: Helping people and bringing people together You should: Try not to feel put-out when your kindness is not reciprocated or taken advantage of, and avoid passive-aggression or defensiveness.
An unhealthy dynamic arises, resulting in demoralization, authoritarianism, and passive-aggression, among numerous damaging effects; I've seen this unfold countless times in my capacity as a career consultant.
The war of the sexes will be won with weapons of passive-aggression. Only the Jews could have been so smart.
Dennis shows the poetry becoming more subtle as ir moves from melodrama towards a dignified passive-aggression in meditative lyrics and drama.

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