passive-aggressive behavior

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pas·sive-ag·gres·sive be·hav·ior

apparently compliant behavior, with intrinsic obstructive or stubborn qualities, to cover deeply felt aggressive feelings that cannot be more directly expressed.

pas·sive-ag·gres·sive be·ha·vi·or

(pasiv-ă-gresiv bĕ-hāvyŏr)
Apparently compliant behavior, with intrinsic obstructive or stubborn qualities, to cover deeply held aggressive feelings that cannot be more directly expressed.
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While the condition generally known as "Minnesota Nice" might seem to imply an unmitigated kindliness, it is more aptly described as passive aggressiveness made palatable by a virtually transparent veneer of civility.
Heather Shipp nude a suitably chilling Kabanicha, with telling moments of passive aggressiveness and subtle emotional manipulation rather than constant battle-axe inflexibility.
Many schools now make students sit in dark classrooms and teachers have resorted to passive aggressiveness with the students due to salary cuts.
IWAS accused recently of passive aggressiveness. Obviously, the charge was wholly without foundation, lacked any substantive merit and was entirely unwarranted.
The odd week or two off here and there - but then they're right back at it, reverting to type, filling the air with passive aggressiveness, subtly winding each other up.
Whereas l found Ghanaians to be kind and nice, now I find the personality of some Ghanaians to be one of passive aggressiveness, jealousy, and rivalry.
"Brandi, your passive aggressiveness." Mahsa started before getting cut off by Brandi.
PAUL Collingwood does not have the flamboyance of Australia's Ricky Ponting, the passive aggressiveness of South Africa's Graeme Smith or the intellectual dynamism of New Zealand's Daniel Vettori.
This one is a voice for indie rock, and if you know me, I am not a huge fan of "indie rock," nor am I a fan of shoe gazing, hair products for men, wimpy music that sounds like little boys crying, caring too much about what I wear, contemplating suicide, passive aggressiveness, the whole "bring-back-the-nerds" deal, Spin magazine, gossip, and run on sentences.
* Passive aggressiveness. Passive-aggressive workers hold grudges, criticize, and retaliate.
Complaining to others in the work setting also may demonstrate passive aggressiveness. Because conscious awareness of feelings of powerlessness frequently lags behind the behavioral consequences of such feelings, statements can be made by the manager that will facilitate awareness by the employee of his or feelings of powerlessness and what can be done about them.

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