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The passion-flower, Passiflora incarnata (family Passifloraceae), a climbing herb of the southern U.S.; the dried flowering and fruiting top has been used in neuralgia, dysmenorrhea, and insomnia, and topically for hemorrhoids and burns.
[L. passio, passion, + flos (flor-), flower]


the passion flower, Passiflora incarnata, a climbing herb. It has flowers and fruiting tops that are the source of medications used as antispasmodics and sedatives and for the treatment of burns, dysmenorrhea, hemorrhoids, and insomnia.


a plant genus of vines in the family Passifloraceae. Includes passion fruit valued for their edible fruits. Most of the plants in the genus that have been tested have high concentrations of cyanogenetic glycosides and are potential causes of cyanide poisoning and there is good field evidence of poisoning of livestock by some of them.
Suspected species are P. aurantia (red passion flower), P. cinnabarina (vermilion passion flower), P. foetida (stinking or mossy passion flower), P. herbertiana, P. suberosa (small passion flower), P. subpeltata (white or wild passion flower).
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This report has outlined great promise in the use of Passiflora incarnata for the treatment of anxiety and insomnia in older adults.
The experiment was conducted with a completely randomized design, using a 4 x 3 factorial arrangement with four light levels (full sunlight and 25, 50, and 75% shade) and three Passiflora species, with ten replicates for evaluations of seed germination and initial growth (height and stem diameter) and five replicates for analysis of dry weight, using one seedling per experimental unit.
Five different extracts, prepared from a single batch of Passiflora incarnata, were administered to CF-1 mice for 1 week in their drinking water prior to evaluation of their behavioral effects.
Caption(s): Medard de Noblat's new Passiflora offers new decoration on its successful Gala shape.
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Why not take a leaf from our book and train a Passiflora caerulea `Constance Elliot' up your trellis?
the Ribes andicola group and most species of the Passiflora lobbii group.
The passion vines, in the genus Passiflora, contain cyanogenic glycosides--essentially sugar compounds hitched to a cyanide group.
One recent RCT tested healthy adults (n=41) with transient insomnia, randomised to receive either passionflower herbal tea bags (2g of dried Passiflora incarnata--leaves, stems, seeds and flowers) against a placebo parsley tea bag (2g of dried Petroselinum crispum--parsley) both manufactured by Hilde Hemmes' Herbal Supplies Pty Ltd, Australia.
Passion flower or passiflora - "This reduces muscle tension and helps relaxation.
The isolation of protoplasts was described in several studies with the gender Passiflora (DORNELAS et al.