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ESTrogen and Stents to Eliminate Restenosis. A very small (30 patients) trial evaluating the feasibility and safety of 17-estradiol-eluting stent for treating single native vessel stenosis
Primary endpoints MACE, death, MI, TLR, stent thrombosis at 1 and 6 months
Conclusion 17-beta-estradiol-eluted stents appear feasible and safe, showing low rates of binary restenosis and revascularization. These results warrant further confirmation with a large, randomized multicenter trial
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In base a quanto emerge dalla loro relazione descritta nelle poesie rivolte a Jenny e dalla dedica alla raccolta Pasqua di Gea, la ragazza renana ebbe da subito grande interesse per il giovane Luigi, il fremde poeta italiano.
Pasqua aborda en su estudio introductorio a la edicion los grandes temas de la obra del Cusano, "La vision facial" (pp.
La ultima intervencion corre a cargo de Remo Bracchi, que nos da una mayor fundamentacion biblica, ademas de filologica, de la pascua: <<Di pasqua in pasqua, tra culto e cultura: una lezione solo del passato?
9% Jargon Trinchero - - 8 27 ++ Family Estates Ows Cellar Selection The Other - - 12 24 ++ Wine & Spirits Company Pasqua The Other - - - 22 - Wine & Spirits Company Wild Rock Kobrand - - - 20 - High Note Click Wine - - 8 19 ++ Group Colores Del Sol Foster's Wine - - - 18 - Estates Americas Brazin DFV Wines - - - 15 - La Marca E.
The sale menu includes a complimentary bottle of Pasqua Sangiovese or Pasqua Chardonnay Italy.
El simposio fue iniciativa de Herve Pasqua, que edita desde hace varios anos las obras de Nicolas de Cusa en lengua francesa.
The Calgary Herald reports that after reviewing the facts, the Saskatchewan Coalition Against Racism claims the case made against Natalie Pasqua was biased and believe charges should be dropped.
pasqua Confine my betting to the Cheltenham Festival only, as it is the one time of the year that I have consistently shown a profit up until now, the rest of the year, any year - I lose and lose and lose
Para possibilitar e facilitar o acesso em websites as pessoas portadoras de deficiencia visual, Della Pasqua (2007) desenvolveu uma solucao de navegacao em websites em audio para deficientes visuais, capaz de prover o acesso as informacoes da internet de uma forma facil e rapida.
Recent weeks have seen the trial of former Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin and the conviction of former Defence Minister Charles Pasqua.
Combined newsA series of malfeasance casesAualso involving Jean-Christophe Mitterrand, son of the late president Francois Mitterrand, and former interior minister Charles Pasqua, among othersAuhave pulled back a curtain on the back rooms of French politics, depicting powerful figures engaging in an unseemly mix of high finance, arms marketing, dirty tricks and personal vendettas in the tapestry-draped palaces of official Paris.