Augustine, 20th-century Argentine dermatologist. See: atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini.
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The industry minister asked for UNIDO's support in their efforts towards the development of sustainable industrial zones and, in doing so, provide a platform to foster inclusive and sustainable industrialization and create job opportunities," UNIDO representative Cristiano Pasini said in the statement.
Pasini also said that in the new phase the Ministry of industry and other stakeholders will be exposed to best practices and international experiences in industrial zone development.
Amant Oshawa, ON Straggle L, ON 22" 5 Jim Geisert Lexington, KY Georgian Bay, ON 24" CRAPPIE 1 Mike Pasini Trafalgar, IN n/a 18" 2 Mike Rini Knoxville, TN Ft.
We made the staircase in all brass to remind clients they're entering an area of precious objects," says Michele Pasini, founding principal at Storage Associati.
Supported by the Italian government, the plan is to develop a competitive manufacturing sector to act as a stabilizer in underdeveloped parts of Lebanon, and to help the country to develop capacity and competitiveness in its infrastructure and industrial sectors to meet the demands of international markets, according to Cristiano Pasini, the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) representative in Lebanon, who spoke to Executive on the sidelines of the event.
Evasio Pasini, of the Medical Center of Lumezzane, Brescia, Italy, was to measure the presence of pathogenic (disease-causing) gut flora and intestinal permeability (sometimes called "leaky gut") and their association with disease severity, venous blood congestion, and inflammation in patients with CHF.
Mattia Pasini (Italtrans Racing Team) had another crash.
Nicole Pasini, library services manager of community libraries at San Mateo County Library, asks, "Related question: Has anyone ever used translation equipment (i.
Damascus, SANA- Minister of Industry Kamal-Eddin Toumeh discussed on Wednesday with Cristiano Pasini, the Regional Representative of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) following up on the second stage of an industrial modernization and development program between Syria and UNIDO.