Augustine, 20th-century Argentine dermatologist. See: atrophoderma of Pasini and Pierini.
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Stefanello Junior GJ, Grutzmacher AD, Pasini RA, Bonez C, Moreira DC, Spagnol D.
The first half of the programme saw an orchestral repertoire presented by QMA Youth Orchestra, conducted by Giovanni Pasini.
Damascus, SANA- Minister of Industry Kamal-Eddin Toumeh discussed on Wednesday with Cristiano Pasini, the Regional Representative of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) following up on the second stage of an industrial modernization and development program between Syria and UNIDO.
Cristiano Pasini, a UNIDO representative, said that the project made UNIDO reflect on ways to provide more support to Lebanon.
Mattia Pasini and Axel Pons were fighting right in front of me and went quite slow through the chicane, so I thought that was my chance to pass them.
Even if there's a limit to the protection any helmet can give, it is in the best interest of each and every worker to have access to the latest in work safety technology," says Gian Paolo Pasini, CEO of KASK America Inc.
orthopaedic surgeon of Lancaster, PA; daughter Suzanne and her husband Giuseppe Pasini of Milan, Italy; and three grandchildren, Francesca, Stephen and Victoria Pasini.
Using frozen samples of Nannochloropsis oculata, a type of single-celled ocean-dwelling algae, Dina Pasini (University of Kent) set out to test the conditions which early life would have had to survive if it did indeed travel through space.
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The difficult conditions caught out a number of riders, with Michele Pirro, Danilo Petrucci, Mattia Pasini and Hector Barbera all crashing, although none sustained serious injury.
Danny Earl broke the deadlock, rifling home the rebound after his initial shot was parried by keeper Patrick Pasini.