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Enrique, German pathologist, 1860-1936. See: Paschen bodies.
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Since these reactions are "not adiabatically dumped into the heat bath of the surrounding medium" [40], condensation processes could result in the emission of Balmer [30] and Paschen lines [43].
The average shift of the newly optimized levels above 63000 [cm.sup.-1] from those given by Paschen and Campbell (2) is 4.88 [cm.sup.-1] with a standard deviation of 0.18 [cm.sup.-1].
Schlup (history instructor and reference librarian, Mesa Community College) and Paschen (university archivist, Kent State U.) present a collection of early articles (mostly from Library Journal), letters from prominent individuals in the field of librarianship, and historically important reports.
Markus is fuelled from his recent win with Sea Dubai teammate Matti Paschen in the Dragon European Championships in St.
Diener Rd, Reynolds, IN 47980; 219/984-5837, 800/545-8611, FAX: 219/984-5364 E-mail: Web site: Year established: 1928 Fiscal year: August-July Chmn: Tom Diener ( Pres: Mike Diener ( Sales Dir: Brad Paschen ( VP: Tim Diener ( Bus/Finance Mgr: Kristie Diener ( Corn Prod Mgr: Terry Winterland ( Soybean Prod Mgr: Mike Diener ( Mktg Coordinator: Virgil Resendale Products: Corn--standard, Bt, Liberty Link, Roundup Ready, Clearfield, Herculex, YieldGard Rootworm, YieldGard Plus, Various Stacked Trait Products.
Recently, the original calcium hypothesis has been modified, taking into account that cell death is induced under experimental conditions not only by a rise in cytoplasmatic calcium but also when cytoplasmatic calcium activity drops below physiologic levels (Paschen 2003).
Edited by Elise Paschen and Rebekah Presson Mosby; Dominique Raccah, series editor.
Specific films are the subjects of poems by Amy Clampitt ("The Godfather"), Jane Cooper ("King Kong"), William Matthews ("Throne of Blood"), Elise Paschen ("Raise the Red Lantern"), David Ray ("Gorillas in the Mist"), and Richard Wilbur ("The Prisoner of Zenda").
According to Deryagin and Krotova, the high peel energies were due to dissipation of electrical charges and by comparing the system to a capacitor, the work of adhesion corresponded to the energy necessary to separate the two charged plates as predicted by the Paschen gas discharge curve.