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Enrique, German pathologist, 1860-1936. See: Paschen bodies.
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The design concept for the tongue was to represent the band's anti-authoritarian attitude, Mick's mouth and the obvious sexual connotations," the Mirror quoted Pasche as saying at the time.
Federation president Pasche says that his organisation, in conjunction with some watchmakers, has implemented a number of measures to tackle the problem.
Pasche doesn't see a problem and can't understand why anybody would.
Pasche said that he had received permission from the US Food and Drug Administration to carry out trials on large groups of cancer patients and was currently in discussion with countries across the world to try and get funding for future research.
One of the great strengths of the Swiss watch industry has been its ability to offer consumers a comprehensive choice of products," says Pasche.
Pasche speculates that the device stimulates sleep-inducing areas of the brain.
Although the copyright is owned by the Stones' commercial arm, Pasche, 63, kept his original work - until selling it to the museum in an online auction from the US.
Gregory Pasche, the Vice President, Online Europe, Middle East and Africa at Reuters said, "We're excited about the ability to collaboratively offer, with Wallaware, a product to wireless operators that dramatically improves their users' experience with wireless data services and stimulates usage driving a much needed source of incremental revenues.
By working with a global leader such as Comverse with their extensive customer base, we will be able to provide an equally strong value proposition to the mobile world," said Greg Pasche, VP Online, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Reuters Media.
Now in his 70s, Manuel created The Beatles' uniforms for Sgt Pepper, the roses and skeletons insignia of The Grateful Dead, and an inflated lips pillow for Mick Jagger that designer John Pasche later modified into The Rolling Stones' logo.
He is currently Chairman of the Board of Banque Pasche S.
Other appointments at New Media International include: David Graves, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Business Development; James Hohman, Executive Vice President, Sales; Gregory Pasche, Vice President Marketing and Business Development, Europe; Lavinia Calvert, Vice President, Marketing and Business Development, Asia; Alexa Smith, Vice President, Marketing, the Americas; and Jerome FitzGibbons, Vice President, Business Development, the Americas.