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ESTrogen and Stents to Eliminate Restenosis. A very small (30 patients) trial evaluating the feasibility and safety of 17-estradiol-eluting stent for treating single native vessel stenosis
Primary endpoints MACE, death, MI, TLR, stent thrombosis at 1 and 6 months
Conclusion 17-beta-estradiol-eluted stents appear feasible and safe, showing low rates of binary restenosis and revascularization. These results warrant further confirmation with a large, randomized multicenter trial
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Helen added: "I believe Pascha and Sophia's health campaign will have a huge impact on their friends and fellow pupils.
In the early 1980s, Pascha stepped back and looked at her life--28 years of marriage, 45 years of Catholicism, and 30 years in medical technology--and realized that none of it was working, "With the support of my spiritual director, a wonderful mystical elderly Franciscan nun, I, with great trepidation, left those areas of my life, one by one.
This year is a joy for Christians East and West as both reckonings (the Julian and Gregorian Calendars) will celebrate Pascha on the same day.
The novel focuses on the family of a Pascha of Egyptian origin, whose daughters, one from his wife (Enise) and the other from his slave (cariye) (Fitnat) are constructed as two opposite poles.
Pascha, Beech House, Denbigh, Macmillan Nurse Diane West and St.
George Church, where the flame is placed on the altar to await the faithful for the midnight Resurrection service of Holy Pascha.
Patrick's Derby, in aid of Cancer research UK, as Pascha Bere came through late to score.
10 1 TED SPREAD R Walsh (5-4 Fav) 2 Pascha Bere L Treadwell (14-1) 3 Pantxoa W Hutchinson (9-2) 12 ran7 23/4 ' 1' 1 P F Nicholls Ditcheat Tote: win pounds 2.
1) Pascua proviene del latin vulgar pascua, este del latin pascha, que a su vez se deriva del griego [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII], y este del hebreo pesah, influenciado por el latin pascuum <<lugar de pastos>>, por alusion al fin del ayuno.
Like many Christians, I suppose, my "seasonal moods" are largely determined by the liturgical calendar--the annual sequences of Advent to Christmas, Theophany to the Triodion, Lent to Pascha, and Pentecost to the autumnal celebration of the Holy Cross.
38) Carolingian ecclesiastics, who were influenced by Roman rites, grew to associate baptism with Easter and Pentecost (rather than Epiphany, which was the preferred season in the older Gallican and Celtic uses), as, in the words of Peter Cramer, "baptism drew to itself the collective experience of the pascha, or of crossing-over" (39) Changes associated with the Carolingian reform placed limits on "open-season" baptisms, by requiring presbyters and bishops to administer baptisms only during the Paschal and Pentecostal vigils; the Dionysio-Hadriana collection of decretals and canons (sixth century), given to Charlemagne by Hadrian I, restricted initiation to the traditional Roman seasons, and the Frankish Church accepted these restrictions at the Council of Aixla-Chapelle in 802.