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 [por´us] (L.)
porus acus´ticus exter´nus the outer end of the external acoustic meatus.
porus acus´ticus inter´nus the opening of the internal acoustic meatus in the cranial cavity.
porus op´ticus the opening in the sclera for passage of the optic nerve.
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1. An opening, hole, perforation, meatus, or foramen.
2. Synonym(s): sweat pore
Synonym(s): porus (1)

See also: opening, meatus, foramen.
[G. poros, passageway]

warble pore

an open connection between the surface of the skin and the embedded larvae as seen in warbles (Hypoderma sp.).
Synonym(s): porus
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His last night there, he had a dream in which dakinis lifted him up in a palanquin and carried him to Sri Parvata in the South.
Parvati is literally "she who is of the mountain (parvata)," in the sense that she is the daughter of Himalaya, the highest of mountains.
tasya ha parvatanaradau grha usatuh usatuh Parvata and Narada stayed in his home.
This leads naturally to a consideration of the connection between Nagarjuna and Sri Parvata - a connection widely enough claimed for him in the later sources (such as the Tibetan writers and the Rasaratnakara(108)).
The epigraphy of Nagarjunakonda identifies a Sri Parvata at that site, consisting at least of an eminence on a spur projecting into the valley (and possibly more generally of the surrounding heights);(109) some have considered that the name designated the whole Nallamallai range, the hills which surround the Nagarjunakonda valley and extend upstream, to include Sri Sailam (itself sometimes later called Sri Parvata(110)).
17 The tradition recorded in Vakyapadiya II.486 makes a reference to Candracarya having gone to the southern region and having received the tradition of the Mahabhasya from Parvata (cf.