partial cystectomy

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par·tial cys·tec·to·my

removal of a part or segment of the bladder.

Partial cystectomy

A surgical procedure where the cancerous tissue is removed by cutting out a small piece of the bladder.
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TIP30 expression in patients treated with TUR was significantly higher than that in those treated with partial cystectomy ( t = 4.
Partial cystectomy data often includes non-urothelial cancers and are therefore difficult to compare with radical cystectomy.
In our case, partial cystectomy was done and followup was done up to 6 months, after which patient was lost for followup.
Using needle aspiration, intraovarian hemorrhage was confirmed and partial cystectomy was performed.
There were only two cases with internal iliac artery ligation failure - one was managed by "pelvic packing" with roll gauze removed 48 hours later and the other with partial cystectomy to control haemorrhage from bladder.
A partial cystectomy was performed and the histologic diagnosis was extra-adrenal paraganglioma (pheochromocytoma).
A partial cystectomy is the removal of the tumor and only part of the urinary bladder where the cancer is found.
After a week of preparation, the patient was taken to the operative room, where a diagnostic cystourethroscopy was performed, followed by a partial cystectomy.
Partial cystectomy in the treatment of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder.
Laparoscopic partial cystectomy was performed, with a total duration of 100 minutes, minimal blood loss, and no perioperative complications.
7) En bloc resection without inducing rupture and spreading the daughter cyst is recommended treatment strategy and accepted to be curative for intramuscular hydatid disease (8,9) Partial cystectomy, however, is another commonly practiced modality of surgery where the surrounding adhesions or the removal of ectocyst is considered to do more harm than good.
For highly selected patients, bladder-sparing surgery such as transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT) [5,6]or partial cystectomy (PC) [7-10] may provide similar oncologic outcomes to RC while maintaining bladder and sexual functions.