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arjuna (är·jōōˑ·n),

n Latin name:
Terminalia arjuna; parts used: bark, fruit; uses: in Ayurveda pacifies kapha and pitta doshas (astringent, light, dry), hypolipidemic, hepatoprotection, antineoplastic, antimutagenic, antibacterial, antiviral, cardiotonic, angina, hypertension, coronary artery conditions, myocardial infarction, liver conditions, urogenital diseases, STDs, colic, dysentery, poisoning, wounds; precautions: none known. Also called
arjun or
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The Parinvest Group is coming full circle with our offerings ranging from financial products, real estate, asset and portfolio management, lifestyle services, and now travel and design and construction," said Parth.
The band has been functional for over four years now," says Hasija, " The lead vocalist, Parth, joined us about nine months back.
I liked the way how everyone clapped for us when we started performing and I was not nervous because everyone was enjoying themselves," said Parth.
Parth Joshi flew to Britain to be fitted with the prosthetic leg after his own limb was mangled in the disaster, which claimed the lives of at least 20,000.
Parth Pradeep Joshi had a leg amputated after being lifted from the ruins of a house where he had lain for four days beside the bodies of his mother and brother.
Parth Patel, a graduate of South Forsyth High School, Cumming, Ga.
Sajjan Jindal, the billionaire owner of JSW Group, intends to restructure the ownership structure to make it easy and transparent at the same time as permitting his only son Parth to chart his own growth path before he inherits the expanded steel-to-power conglomerate.
The episode featuring Emraan and Amyra will see lead actors Niti Taylor ( popular as Nandini Murthy on the show) and Parth Samnaath ( who plays the role of Manik Malhotra) perform in the concert.
The success party thrown by the film maker at JW Marriott, Mumbai saw the presence of lead actor Amitabh Bachchan along with his young co-star Parth Bhalerao.
Led by powerful centre Parth Aidasani, DESC took an early lead and were never threatened by a Jess team who are appearing in their third straight tournament but were missing several key players.
Michael Stygles of Grafton, Samuel Carter of North Grafton, Alexander Bedard of Sutton, Michael Beinor of Sutton, Zachary Coderre of Sutton, Colin Hughes of Sutton, Joseph Malenchini of Sutton, Daniel Paradis of Sutton, Jonah Westerlind of Sutton, Parth Amin of Uxbridge, and Joshua Lachapelle of Whitinsville.