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Caleb H., English physician, 1755-1822. See: Parry disease.
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Susanne, who became Hans' wife, worked for us at the time and though she was Danish, they only met when he came over to ride for Wolverhampton,' said Parry.
In recent years Parry has supported Wolverhampton riders like Peter and Mikael Karlsson, and Sam Ermolenko, and he is thrilled to be sponsoring the club at a time when speedway is enjoying an upturn in popularity.
Police discovered the bag had been stolen from Mrs Parry and the man who had dumped it was John Flanagan.
INITIATIVE: Nicola Parry was praised by the judge; VICTIM: Brenda Parry; KILLER: John Flanagan
Last year, the airport generated approximately $225,000 including $72,000 in municipal levy money, mostly from Seguin Township (80 per cent) and the Town of Parry Sound.
A tool-and-die maker, Axt Machine Shop, is moving in from Parry Sound.
We know Parry Sound would like an accommodation/conference centre built on its waterfront.
Parry Sound director of community development Iain Laing says the hope is the designation will have a positive impact on the community's economy.
According to figures compiled by the Parry Sound Area Community Business and Development Centre, area municipalities take in an estimated $60.