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Jules, French physician, 1829-1883. See: Parrot disease.
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"Public" morality, not far removed from the alleged interests of the general will, may too easily slip into the "wretched parrotry" Coleridge abhorred in the National Assembly.
Turning to another poem, "Rooster," we find this chirpier bit of parrotry: I like the way the rooster lifts his feet, so jauntily exact, then droops one springy yellow claw aloft just like a tailor gathering up a pleat; and then there are those small, surprising lilts, both rollicking and staid, that grace his bishop's gait, like a waltzer on a pair of supple stilts or a Russian on parade.
Renato Poggioli's damning characteristic from his Poets of Russia ('first reprimanded into silence, and then tamed into that parrotry which seems to be the supreme law of Soviet art'; it is duly quoted in both books under review) still seems to hold sway.