Parrot's Sign

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An obsolete term for
(1) Pupillary dilatation evoked by pinching the skin in a patient with meningitis
(2) Buttock shaped bones on the outer table of infants with congenital syphilis
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Parrot, Joseph Marie Jules

French physician, 1829–1883.

Parrot's disease

1. Osteochondritis that occurs in infants with congenital syphilis.
2. A form of dwarfism that is transmitted as an autosomal dominant.

Parrot's nodes

Bony nodules on the skull of infants with congenital syphilis. Also called Parrot's sign.

Parrot's pseudoparalysis

Pseudoparalysis caused by syphilitic osteochondritis.

Parrot's sign

Parrot's nodes.

Parrot's ulcer

Lesions seen in thrush or stomatitis.
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