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1. The killing of one's parent (patricide or matricide).
2. One who commits such an act.
[L. parricidium, killing of close kin]
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Thus, for instance, John's academic skepticism allows him to defend parricide.
67) John disapproves of the pagan ceremonies after Remus' death, but never explicitly condemns the parricide itself: Vrbis auspicia sacrilegio parricidii et fraterni sanguinis cruore numinibus suis Romulus consecrauit.
In the d'Orban and O'Connor study, (9) >80% of women who committed parricide killed their mothers.
For patients with uncontrolled psychosis coupled with a contentious parental relationship, in addition to aggressively treating psychotic symptoms, consider initiating family therapy, anger management classes, group home placement, or involuntary hospitalization to lower the risk of parricide.
parricide cases with officially reported national crime data and the psychiatric and psychological literature.
Themes in parricide literature should be interpreted cautiously because of the limitations of this research
More than 80% of women who committed parricide killed their mothers
A comparison of parricide and attempted parricide: a study of 39 psychotic adults.
A psychiatric study of female homicide: on the cases of parricide.