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Jakob Karol, Polish physiologic chemist, 1884-1955. See: Embden-Meyerhof-Parnas pathway.
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When the air became heavy and oppressive on the fast-day of Atonement, the Hasidim, to allow ventilation, opened the windows, but the parnas (the accommodation-minded synagogue president), fearing a possible injury to the voice of the cantor by reason of the draft, remonstrated and insisted that the windows be closed.
Contract notice: Rehabilitation and restoration of forest communities, revitalization measures in the forests parnas reality sro
The restaurants will be featuring a special South Korean menu created by three guest chefs from Grand InterContinental Seoul Parnas and InterContinental Seoul COEX in Korea.
Consisting of CEOs of private and public companies of Korea World Trade Center (KITA, COEX, COEX Mall, CALT, GKL, Megabox, Seoul Ocean Aquarium, Ourhome, SM Entertainment, Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas, Han Moo Shopping, Han Moo Convention and Lotte Duty Free)
The Role of the Holy Vessels in Rabbinic Memory and Imagination" (23); and "Local Jewish Leadership in Roman Palestine: The Case of the Parnas in Early Rabbinic Sources in Light of Extra-Rabbinic Evidence" (24).
A total of 88 Parnas activists voted in favour of the candidacy.
L'opposant numero un au president russe Alexei Navalny, rentre dans la matinee de Kirov, une ville a 900 km a l'est de Moscou oE il est juge pour "detournement de fonds", menait le cortege, au cote des chefs des mouvements liberaux Solidarnost et Parnas, Ilia Iachine et Mikhail Kassianov.
A manufacturer's MDC is reflected in its ability to design products that have standard components, create product platforms for incremental product modification, and ensure that each product feature can be changed by modifying only one module (Evans, 1963; Starr, 1965; Parnas, 1972; Ulrich, 1995; Baldwin & Clark, 2000; Salvador, 2007).
In 1918, Otto Meyerhof and Jakub Parnas showed that glucose was utilized as a fuel and lactic acid produced as an end-product during muscle cell contractions.
Later Romanova said police arrived in force at the Moscow apartment of liberal PARNAS party leader and former deputy PM Boris Nemtsov, but he was nowhere to be found.
Medvedev also told the justice minister to explain why Russia had refused to register the liberal opposition movement PARNAS, whose leaders include former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov.
the PARNAS today, effectively barring it from legally participating in