Parkinson's syndrome

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Parkinson's syndrome

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Q. What to expect from a Parkinson's patient? My 70 year old father has been diagnosed with Parkinson's. What will he be like from now on, what to expect?

A. Some of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease are:
• Trembling of hands, arms, legs, jaw and face
• Stiffness of the arms, legs and trunk
• Slowness of movement
• Poor balance and coordination
The symptoms usually get worse with time and then people with the disease may have trouble walking, talking or doing simple tasks.

Q. what is the latest on parkinson?

A. the "National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke" keeps an article on "what's new in Parkinson research" and they update it every now and then. i have to say that the last one is from 2005, but it has some interesting things you might wanna know...:

and the "National Parkinson Foundation" also keeps their readers updated and have a jornal you may find useful things in:

Q. How do you tell between temporal shaky hands and parkinson disease? My dear granpa's hands are being a bit shaky lately. I was wondering if I should worry about Parkinson's disease or is it most likely to be something else? How to tell? are there other symptoms for Parkinson's?? Any help...

A. The tremor (shaking body parts) of Parkinson disease appears during rest of the limb and disappears or weakens during active movement. Additionally, Parkinson's disease cause walking problems and slow movements.

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It is better to try to understand at this milestone in his life what Ali means to boxing and the world right now, as he begins the path towards old age struck down by the mentally and physically crippling Parkinson's syndrome.
THE GREATEST -- Muhammad Ali is still the greatest, especially now as he fights the toughest battle of his life, Parkinson's Syndrome, while he continues to promote charities and his religion.
The Rome gold medallist, three-time world heavyweight champion and role model to millions, sadly in the grip of Parkinson's Syndrome, trembled under the weight of the Olympic torch.
Laila insists she is not put off by the physical condition of her father, who shakes and slurs his speech because he suffers from Parkinson's Syndrome after his glittering but brutal career.
It is claimed he has Parkinson's syndrome - where the sufferer has all the symptoms of Parkinson's disease without actually having it.
But when he officially opened the Games, standing there, his arm twitching almost uncontrollably, terrible evidence of the Parkinson's syndrome he suffers, Ali was for a brief moment on top of the world again.
The investigators excluded patients with "Parkinson's Plus" or secondary or atypical Parkinson's syndromes, previous surgeries for Parkinson's disease, medical contraindications to surgery or stimulation, contraindications to MRI, active alcohol or substance abuse, or a Mini-Mental Status Examination score of 24 or lower or other neuropsychological dysfunction.
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