Parker, George Howard

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George Howard, U.S. zoologist, 1864-1955.
Parker fluid - formaldehyde and alcohol.
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They are currently a full line Parker distributor representing Parker Fluid Connectors, and have two Parker Store locations: Montgomery and Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
These valves offer a 'pivoted edge design,' originally engineered by Parker Fluid Control Division to enhance valve performance, and can be applied across a range of applications to meet the exact needs of our customers."
The Parker Fluid Control Division has developed a six-port Marine Selector Valve for electric remote tank selection in vessels with multiple diesel fuel tanks.
The Spectrum series is available valved or unvalved, and can withstand operative temperatures up to 250[degrees]F Parker Fluid Connectors Group, 8145 Lewis Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55427 612-544-7781.
They currently represent Parker Fluid Connectors, as well as other Parker lines, and have two Parker Stores.
The Hose House is currently a Parker Fluid Connector, Parker Industrial Hose and Parker Mining Hose distributor.