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Edward Mason, U.S. surgeon, 1860-1941. See: Parker-Kerr suture.
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Parker's roomers sat thus one summer's evening, Miss Leeson looked up into the firmament and cried with her little gay laugh:
Parker's stoop at the hour when she always returned from her dinner at the restaurant.
The man pulled the broad brim of a gray hat over his eyes, and answered, rather sullenly, that he did not come from Parker's Falls, which, as being the limit of his own day's journey, the pedlar had naturally mentioned in his inquiry.
What with telling the news for the public good, and driving bargains for his own, Dominicus was so much delayed on the road that he chose to put up at a tavern, about five miles short of Parker's Falls.
'Marguerite Parker!' he roared dreamily, rolling the words round his tongue, like port.
'Marguerite Parker!' exclaimed Rollo, bounding in his chair.
Mercy on us, what are the children thinking of?" And Jo looked as much scandalized as if Amy and little Parker were not yet in their teens.
"Parker has brought out the drinks, and if you stay any longer in this glare, you will be quite spoiled, and Basil will never paint you again.
You remember Parker, who used to be Coxon's manager?
Parker spoke of you, and that brought me here tonight.
Yet, he knew so little about the inmates that he gave them names of his own invention: as 'Miss Elizabeth', 'Master George', 'Aunt Jane', 'Uncle Parker '--having no authority whatever for any such designations, but particularly the last--to which, as a natural consequence, he stuck with great obstinacy.
She's staying at the Parker House; it must be horrible there in this weather."