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Edward Mason, U.S. surgeon, 1860-1941. See: Parker-Kerr suture.
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Today, Parker & Sons has grown into one of Phoenix's largest service companies.
Hopley and Shannon like to wing it now and then, as they did when responding to a query about which sports Josh and Parker enjoy.
Last September, Parker Pearson and his coworkers uncovered remains of eight houses at the site.
US Airways' Parker aiming for repeat takeover victory: In 2005, US Airways CEO Doug Parker successfully took over the airline while leading America West.
But the eventual outcome will definitely affect the mining industry, says Parker, a prospector for 27 years.
When Emma's crying woke Parker again, he found Grandma in the nursery.
Parker continued his efforts to free slaves as a recruiter for the Union's 27th Regiment, U.
Parker responded by opening fire and spraying shots into liquor bottles and a cooler behind the register, narrowly missing Zeidan's head.
One feature newsletter editors will appreciate is the ability to hyperlink multiple Mind Maps together," Parker said.
Jackie Parker obviously knew early on this is what he wanted to do.
The program is a tremendous asset," noted JeanPierre Vaganay, chief operating officer of The Jack Parker Corporation.