Parinaud, Henri

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Parinaud, Henri

French ophthalmologist, 1844–1905.

Parinaud's oculoglandular syndrome

Conjunctivitis with palpable preauricular lymph nodes.

Parinaud's ophthalmoplegia syndrome

Dorsal midbrain syndrome with palsy of vertical gaze. It is caused by a brainstem lesion near the vertical gaze center. Sometimes associated with inability to converge the eyes and poor pupillary response to light.
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Henri, French ophthalmologist, 1844-1905.
Parinaud conjunctivitis - a chronic necrotic inflammation of the conjunctiva characterized by large, irregular, reddish follicles and regional lymphadenopathy.
Parinaud oculoglandular syndrome - unilateral conjunctival granuloma with preauricular adenopathy in tularemia, chancre, and tuberculosis.
Parinaud ophthalmoplegia - Synonym(s): Parinaud syndrome
Parinaud syndrome - paralysis of conjugate upward gaze with a lesion at the level of the superior colliculi. Synonym(s): Parinaud ophthalmoplegia
Parinaud I syndrome - retraction nystagmus; systemic hypertension; Babinski sign; extraocular palsy; pupils usually normal in size but have poor reaction to light and near vision. Synonym(s): divergence paralysis; Koerber-Salus-Elsching syndrome
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