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Gian Carlo, Italian physician. See: Parenti-Fraccaro syndrome.
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My fund is currently waiting to get access to such a beautiful and nice market," Parenti said by e-mail.
Graduate student Tony Parenti found the new cells--induced XEN cells, or iXEN--in a sort of cellular trash pile.
The VA is expecting 100 to 200 visitors at each fair, said Kregg Parenti, spokesman for the VA health care system in Roseburg.
Deborah Parenti, EVP/Radio at Streamline Publications and the top exec at RBR-TVBR, had a relationship perhaps the most fabulous exec in the history of radio that goes back more than four decades.
David Parenti said at the annual advanced postgraduate course held by the American Diabetes Association.
See Immunization page 29 Parenti, professor of medicine at George Washington University, Washington.
Taking readers on a tour of war torn and poverty infected countries like Kenya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and Mexico, Parenti exposes the rising tension which is becoming an increasing threat to privileged nations like the US who are simply ignoring the problem and attempting to shield it out with military might.
We don't know why priapiumfish evolved their peculiar arrangement," Lynne Parenti of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, said.
Christian Parenti is a contributing editor of the Rail and the Nation and a visiting scholar at the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics at the CUNY Graduate Center.
Michael Parenti (author); GOD AND HIS DEMONS; Prometheus Books (Religion) $25.
Photographer Teru Kuwayama and writer Christian Parenti have won this year's $20,000 Dorothea Lange-Paul Taylor Prize.