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Gian Carlo, Italian physician. See: Parenti-Fraccaro syndrome.
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Synopsis: After having visions of a strange land since childhood, Cat Parenti left New York and headed for the rugged landscape of Afghanistan, which felt like time traveling to the 12th century.
from previous occupant Parenti & Raffaelli Ltd.
For Federico Parenti, Milan-based fund manager of Base Sicav Emerging and Frontier Markets Equity Fund, Pakistan is on top of his wish-list.
Graduate student Tony Parenti found the new cells--induced XEN cells, or iXEN--in a sort of cellular trash pile.
The VA is expecting 100 to 200 visitors at each fair, said Kregg Parenti, spokesman for the VA health care system in Roseburg.
Deborah Parenti, EVP/Radio at Streamline Publications and the top exec at RBR-TVBR, had a relationship perhaps the most fabulous exec in the history of radio that goes back more than four decades.
David Parenti said at the annual advanced postgraduate course held by the American Diabetes Association.
See Immunization page 29 Parenti, professor of medicine at George Washington University, Washington.
Parenti, Executive Director of Renaissance and noted long-term care expert.
She is survived by one son, Thomas Lopilato of Boca Raton, FL; one daughter, Carolyn Parenti of Groton, MA; nine grandchildren and nine great grandchildren.
This heavily researched and important book by Parenti, contributing editor at The Nation, clearly illuminates the undeniable link between climate change generated by the industrial North and devastation and violent conflict in the global South.
"We don't know why priapiumfish evolved their peculiar arrangement," Lynne Parenti of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC, said.