Parental Alienation

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(1) A social dynamic, generally linked to divorce or separation, in which a child expresses unjustified hatred or unreasonably strong dislike of one parent, making access by the rejected parent difficult or impossible
(2) Intense negative indoctrination by a custodial parent (CP) that alienates the child(ren) against a noncustodial parent (NP)
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1998))); Bond, 921 N.Y.S.2d at 674 (relying on the family court's finding that "some degree of parental alienation by the father had occurred"); Woodward v.
(23) Fathers' advocates, in turn, have promoted judicial recognition of a controversial phenomenon they call the "parental alienation syndrome," which mothers groups have attempted to refute.
"I'm obviously very upset because I can tell Ellie is psychologically upset and has suffered parental alienation. As her mother it just breaks my heart I wasn't able to protect her.
When the mother in a bitter custody battle tries to turn a child against the father, it might create 'parental alienation disorder', the Sydney Morning Herald reported.
Description of the Parental Alienation Syndrome in a forensic sample
The core of the volume sets out 20 reasons why parental alienation should be a diagnosis.
FNF is raising awareness of parental alienation and will be part of a world record attempt for blowing bubbles at the Racecourse tomorrow.
The vulnerability of father-child attachments was noted by the majority of fathers, and access denial and parental alienation were core features of many fathers' stories.
Being granted joint custody did not make my children and I immune to the devastating effects of parental alienation. It has been 14 years since I have seen my oldest daughter.

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