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word element [Gr.], strange; foreign.
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Unlike current paravirtualization technologies, paravirt-ops enables transparent paravirtualization, which allows users to run the same Linux kernel in paravirtualized mode on a hypervisor as well as on native hardware.
20) and includes support for the VMware VMI interface, which provides a hypervisor-agnostic paravirtualization interface.
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 and Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP1 guests - supporting unmodified installation with the full performance benefits of paravirtualization.
The use of Linux paravirtualization will be mostly sizzle - not steak.
The combination of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and VMware software has always been a popular solution with customers, and we look forward to collaborating with Red Hat to advance open community-based technologies such as virtual machine disk formats and paravirtualization APIs," said Brian Byun, vice president of Global Partners and Solutions at VMware.
By collaborating on key technology issues such as virtual machine disk formats, paravirtualization, and management API's, the companies intend to work within the open source community to create a common, interoperable virtualization model that ISVs and customers can trust - no matter which deployment model they choose.
Our partnership with Red Hat will deliver to enterprise customers all of the benefits inherent in Xen's paravirtualization technology, tightly integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
XenOptimizer was built by the inventors of paravirtualization, acknowledged as the fastest and most secure virtualization technology available.