Paraphilia Not Otherwise Specified

A ‘wastepaper basket’ category of paraphilia (sexual deviancy), which includes acrotomophilia, necrophilia, klismaphilia, coprophilia, scatologia, partialism, urophilia, and zoophilia
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(105) Yet there are other unspecified diagnoses, a residual category called "paraphilia not otherwise specified" (hereinafter "PNOS"), which are subject to interpretation.
This problem gets more acute as we move beyond the rather narrow parameters of sexual paraphilias--even given the catch all classification, "Paraphilia not Otherwise Specified" (APA, DSM IV TR, 2000, 576)--to a consideration of all the "sexual disorders" listed in the current DSM.
Eight specific paraphilias are listed in the manual, together with a ninth category, "paraphilia not otherwise specified" (see Table 1; for diagnostic criteria and definitions pertinent for the present study, see Methods section).