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Glucagonoma, due to oversecretion of glucagon is associated with a characteristic paraneoplastic phenomenon, called glucagonoma syndrome, which consists of specific rash known as necrolytic migratory erythema (NME), mild diabetes mellitus (DM), weight loss, normochromic normocytic anemia, glossitis, stomatitis, hypoaminoacidemia, deep vein thrombosis and depression [7].
We are reporting Leser-Trelat as a paraneoplastic phenomenon secondary to invasive ductal breast carcinoma for its rarity and the classical clinicopathological evidence.
The progression of this tumour, by virtue of its natural history or perhaps the medical treatment of the cutaneous lesions, may have led to the development of ADM as a paraneoplastic phenomenon.
Studies commonly showed that cancer- associated DM is a paraneoplastic phenomenon.
In addition to the paraneoplastic phenomenon, the unusual presentation of malignancies mimicking rheumatic disorders has been a clinical challenge and may be the cause of the delayed diagnosis of the main disease.
8) Doege-Potter Syndrome, a paraneoplastic phenomenon may present with tumor with associated hypoglycemia due to insulin like growth factor.
On the basis of these observations, BP with FE may be regarded as a paraneoplastic phenomenon, especially in cases that are resistant to conventional immunosuppressive therapy.
In clinical practice, the radiologist is usually the first to raise the alarm that a paraneoplastic phenomenon is suspected, and correlation with other criteria for PNLE follows.
They have debated whether RS3PE is a paraneoplastic phenomenon, a disease or syndrome or with regard to the latter, an extension of polymyalgia rheumatic (PMR).
15) Otherwise, an association including a paraneoplastic phenomenon appears unlikely, because of the fact that most cases of Grover disease are not associated with malignancies.

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