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It can be associated as paraneoplastic disease even though dermatomyositis is more common.
Although Sweet syndrome is uncommon, even in dermatology practice, its head and neck and oral manifestations and its association with paraneoplastic disease warrant the need for otolaryngologists to be aware of the condition.
By virtue of this merger, Amarantus Diagnostics will also own all rights to all of DioGenix's products under development, including tests that target neurosarcoid, neuromyelitis optica, paraneoplastic disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.
1,4) Although the possibility of a paraneoplastic disease was entertained because the patient had a renal cell carcinoma, this syndrome has not been typically associated with this cancer.
KD occurs commonly in the setting of diabetes mellitus,17 chronic renal failure,18 hepatic insufficiency16 or hyperlipoproteinemia19 and rarely may be paraneoplastic disease.
This technique was adapted from one that has been used in many clinical laboratories to detect auto-antibodies binding in tissue-specific patterns in a variety of autoimmune or paraneoplastic diseases.
Cutaneous paraneoplastic diseases are a variety of inflammatory skin conditions that occur in leukemia patients.

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