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premarket approval (PMA)

permission given by the federal government to equipment manufacturers to sell their devices to the medical profession.


Abbreviation for:
Pre-Market Approval Application (see there)


Progressive muscular atrophy

PMA (papillary-marginal-attached),

n a system of epidemiologic scoring of periodontal disease devised by Schour and Massler in which the symbols denote the areas involved in gingival inflammation.
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PMMA is a psychedelic drug and stimulant closely related to the amphetamine-class paramethoxyamphetamine.
The drug in the pill is actually an amphetamine known as paramethoxyamphetamine or PMA.
Lee Monaghan, 29, of Grafton Street, Toxteth, died on June 8 after taking paramethoxyamphetamine, or PMA, a potent hallucinogenic which dangerously overstimulates the nervous system.