Paragonimus kellicotti

Par·a·gon·i·mus kel·li·cot·'ti

a species of fluke prevalent in certain wild animals, such as raccoons, and occurring in dogs, in the Great Lakes region of the U.S.; it is morphologically similar to Paragonimus westermani.
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The complete 18S rDNA sequence of P cervi was determined by a comparison with those of Paragonimus kellicotti (HQ900670) and E.
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In North America, Paragonimus kellicotti causes infections among dogs, cats, and wild carnivores, but rarely infects humans (1).
A infeccao felina e diagnosticada com maior frequencia nas areas onde a doenca e endemica em caes (ATKINS et al., 2000) Nos gatos com sinais respiratorios, a doenca deve ser diferenciada de infeccoes por Aelurostrongylus abstrusus ou Paragonimus kellicotti, asma, cardiomiopatia e outras doencas associadas com dispneia (piotorax, efusao pleural, pneumotorax e anemia) (DILLON, 2007).
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