Paradise Syndrome

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(1) A condition defined as dissatisfaction with oneself despite having achieved all of one’s dreams, which is said to occur in people who are so wealthy and successful they have no mountains left to climb
(2) The sharing of wisdom and knowledge with people who are younger than oneself
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In the classic Star Trek episode, the Paradise Syndrome, where Captain Kirk lost his memory and was adopted by a Native tribe, what name did they call him?
Now, Paradise Syndrome has visited us humble souls on Teesside, like some dark avenging angel come to bring us some anti-Christmas cheer.
We call this Paradise Syndrome and it's common among celebrities and very successful people.
Are we going to see a generation of slackers suffering from what the pop star Dave Stewart called Paradise Syndrome - a misery induced by having everything you want?
Perhaps he's a candidate for Paradise Syndrome, as once suffered by his friend, former Eurythmic Dave Stewart, where you get depression because there's simply nothing left to achieve.
He recently claimed he was suffering from Paradise Syndrome, where life is so perfect you become convinced you must be ill.
The pair chatted to friends and cast of the play, which is called Paradise Syndrome.
And rock star Dave Stewart is too rich, yet he's complaining of Paradise Syndrome.
Dave says he is suffering from a condition called Paradise Syndrome.