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Soukup, a structural chemist who has analyzed archaeological remains of laboratory waste pits in Lower Austria, adds to our understanding of the links between mining and alchemy and of the importance of patronage in supporting such laboratories for practical purposes, the latter theme echoed in Didier Kahn's analysis of King Henry IV of France's patronage of alchemy and Paracelsian medicine.
In the context of Paracelsian healing, the similitude of music and lovesickness is an advantage, rendering erotic melancholy particularly susceptible to musical treatment: for Gohory, as we will see, musical performances inflame desire, but music also potentially transforms desire's most damaging effects by channelling it towards spiritual goals.
In light of the Paracelsian principle of healing through likeness, Gohory's handling of the scene in which Arlanges first recognizes Agesilan's lovesickness--triggered by Diane's portrait alone at this stage in the narrative--is significant.
123) Henri's urgency is striking and might be read as in part arising from belief in song as both erotic cure and potential charm--a belief consonant with Henri's well-known confidence in occult and Paracelsian remedies generally.
Harmony, Health and Healing: Music's Role in Early Modern Paracelsian Thought.
On Fernel's influence in establishing theories of occult remedies for disease, and his connection with Paracelsian ideas, see Brockliss and Jones, 128-38.
Talismans are small objects engraved with symbols, believed to attract the astral influences of the planetary configurations under which they were made: they figured in Paracelsian thinking as well as the occult tradition.
This book is a welcome addition to Allen Debus' studies of the Paracelsian tradition in early modern Europe.