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Artur, German physician, 1870-1916. See: Pappenheim stain, Unna-Pappenheim stain.
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All of the specimens that have been found up to now come from the region of the Solnhofen Archipelago, which during the Jurassic era spanned across what is today the Altmhl Valley, in the area between Pappenheim and Regensburg.
Inwardness and foreignization as a form of return to authenticity shaped the Buber-Rosenzweig translation and the lesser known Frauenbibel by Bertha Pappenheim, which appeared in 1930.
The delightful third section is called "Method Acting with Anna 0.," based on Joseph Breuer's patient Bertha Pappenheim, who became an international activist for women's rights, an acclaimed lace collector, the subject of Freud's famous case study, and a translator of Mary Wollstonecraft.
The purpose of this paper is to review the variety of symptoms Josef Breuer's (1842-1925) patient, Bertha Pappenheim (1859-1936), known in the literature as 'Anna O.', manifested during the course of her groundbreaking therapy with Breuer in 1880-1882.
Close to their graves are massive tombstones of members of the prominent Pappenheim and Bettelheim families.
The show is directed by Sophie Boyce Couzens and designed by James Turner, with lighting by Richard Williamson, sound by Max Pappenheim and choreography by Corinne Meredith.
Especially repugnant was his treatment of "Anna O." (Bertha Pappenheim) in 1880-1882, presented in Freudian apologetics as "the foundation of psychoanalytic therapy," the first supposed cathartic cure reported in Freud's Studies on Hysteria (1895).
One of Freud's physician friend, Joseph Breuer, used hypnosis to treat a woman from an affluent Jewish family named Bertha Pappenheim, known by the pseudonym 'Anna O'.
Patterns of thought, intellectual paradigms, and deeply held values were not easily sacrificed by the Yekkes for the good of the collective: as Naftali Kad-mon declares (quoted above): "A Yekke stays a Yekke." Salomo Pappenheim agrees: "I am, still today, not only in my language but also in my entire cultural being, and in my entire way of thinking, a German Jew." (99) This sentiment, shared by many other German Jews as well, becomes all the more extraordinary when one considers the fact that many Yekkes spent the vast majority of their lives in Palestine/Israel.
Pappenheim staining of a cytospin preparation of CSF revealed a mixed cell population (32% polymorphonuclear leukocytes, 61% lymphocytes, and 7% monocytes) with heterogeneous morphology of lymphocytes that did not suggest lymphomatous meningitis.
(13.) Wallner M, Blassnigg SM, Marisch K, Pappenheim MT, Mullner E, Molzer C, et al.
At Pappenheim Castle, we treat ourselves to a lengthy stop.