Papoose Board

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A restraint device designed to immobilize a child, up to age 12, during dental work, venipuncture, and other medical procedures for which the papoosee is expected to flail, buck, or prove uncooperative, or when complete sedation is not possible. It is more effective than multiple aides holding the person down, and used on young immature children and/or special needs patients
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They tie the little ones down on papoose boards and do unnecessary baby root canals for the bonus money."
Young children were routinely strapped to papoose boards, immobilized with Velcro straps.
Babies invariably scream when strapped to the papoose board, which I'm sure has the same physiologic effects of tachycardia and tachypnea, and probably a drop in [O.sub.2] saturation.
Papoose Board: This is the most common of several safety devices used to limit disruptive movement.
"Unfortunately, all over America people are adhering to the old idea of just pin them down." class="MsoNormalWhen I was in training, we routinely restrained children when they needed stitches or other minor and painful procedures by velcroing them into what we called "papoose boards.
"Papoose boards should be illegal, they don't make any sense," Friedrichsdorf said.