James W., U.S. anatomist, 1883-1958. See: Papez circuit.
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If we talked about the strengths of a woman's mind, we should mention her emotional memory, it is much stronger than that of a man's, and this is related to the Papez circuit.
Contributions of James Papez (1937) through the scheme for central neural circuitry of emotion, popularly known as 'Papez Circuit' and the detailed anatomic model developed by Paul MacLean (1949) are also some of the inevitable works in the field of emotional management.
1949), "Psychosomatic Disease and the 'Visceral Brain', Recent Developments Bearing on the Papez Theory of Emotion", Psychosomatic Medicine, 11: 338-53.
Papez, Comment, Native (Hydro)power: Alternate Avenues for Achieving Native Control of Natural Resources on Tribal Lands, with Focus on Hydropower Dams, 46 IDAHO L.
and the amygdala (emotional conditioning, information evaluation on its importance to the individual) [40], and systems associated with the medial temporal lobe, including the Papez circuit (hippocampus, fornix, mammillary bodies, and cingulum) and the Nauta circuit (basolateral limbic circuit that includes the amygdala, dorsomedial nucleus of the thalamus, and the frontal lobes) [42-44].
Deputy Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth Papez testified in January, "For contracting programs, federal courts have consistently held that .
People have the capacity to become self-aware of their emotional reactions and relationships to one another by means of limbic-cortical communication, such as the Papez circuit that connects the anterior cingulate cortex with the hypothalamus, thalamus, and hippocampus.
Natal dispersal is the only behavioral trait that may distribute large numbers of animals over summer range, and there is evidence that the first summer range occupied by young forest deer becomes their life-long range (Gruell and Papez 1963, Nelson and Mech 1984, Brown 1992, Nelson 1998).
As proposed by Papez, the hippocampal formation and projections via the fornix to the cortex provide the main pathway by which impulses from the cortex can reach the hypothalamus.
3 pounds, $474; fifth place - George Papez, Glendora, 3.
The name Hythiam was derived from the pioneering work of James Papez (1937) and Paul MacLean (1949), which concentrated on four areas of the limbic system region: the HYpothalamus, Thalamus, HIppocampus and AMygdala.
Deputy Assistant Attorney General Elizabeth Papez, whose office advised SBA on crafting the rule, said the U.