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(pă-pā'vĕr, pă-pav'er),
A genus of plants, one species of which, Papaver somniferum (family Papaveraceae), furnishes opium.
Synonym(s): poppy
[L. poppy]


a plant genus of the family Papaveraceae which includes the poppies.

Papaver aculeatum
may cause nitrate-nitrite poisoning.
Papaver nudicaule
causes ataxia and muscle tremor. Called also Iceland poppy.
Papaver rhoeas
a common weed in cultivation fields in Europe. Contains an isoquinoline alkaloid, e.g. rhoadine, and causes somnolence, abdominal pain, recumbency. Called also red poppy.
Papaver somniferum
causes excitement and gastrointestinal disturbance. Called also opium poppy. See opium.