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Panter, 58, and his band could air classics such as Ghost Town and Too Much Too Young when they perform at the launch.
Both DomRey Cigar and Royal Agio are committed to delivering a new level of enthusiasm and support to grow the Panter and Mehari's brands in the United States.
MUSIC MAESTROS: Wall of Famers with their plaques (left-right) Paul Court, Michelle Edgson, Tracy Tracy, Sam McNulty, Paul Sampson and Horace Panter
Our organization applauds Assemblyman Panter for taking the necessary first steps to prepare New Jersey for catastrophe.
LEGEND: Panter He's a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer, and each one of these elements all come easy to a man who has put his spark of originality into bands like Bung, Ens, The Reluctant Stereotypes and The Pink Umbrellas as a guitarist/singer/songwriter.
The Ven Panter said: "He asked me for money to travel to Jersey to attend his father's funeral.
SQUAD: K Roberts (gk), C Rogers (Chelmsford); B Storry (gk, SCHC); J Bimson, C Cullen, R Herbert, H Macleod, A Panter, H Richardson, K Williams (Leicester); M Clewlow, C Gilliat-Smith (Canterbury); K Walsh (capt), A Danson (Slough); J Ellis (Ipswich); R Walker, L Wright (Olton and West Warwicks); S Walton (Bowdon Hightown).
Panter recommends layering shampoos -- starting with a cleanser and then finishing with conditioner, similar to the way humans layer gels and moisturizers.
20:25 Gary Hart calls Kristeen Panter at home on his mobile.
In a personal letter, Mr Panter said: "We welcome this campaign and are encouraged by the positive response it has had with government figures, such as Lord Mandelson.