Panic Button

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A silent remote alarm used to alert security personnel located at a distance of the need for help in managing a violent patient
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Women safety The panic button in the phones will be connected through GPS.
Rave Panic Button enables us to better protect our most precious assets -- our students and teachers.
One West Midlands Police radio control systems officer, who did not want to be named, said the big orange panic button on his handset was a crucial lifeline.
I passed out and when I came to, Louie had pressed the panic button and cried down the intercom.
com/eveninggazette Twitter: @Ev Then in February 2012 a masked man threatened Mr Atwal with a "Rambo style" knife before again leaving empty-handed due to the panic button.
Who's to say whether or not this unspeakable tragedy could have been avoided if there was a simple panic button or phone available at one of these five ATMs?
She said: "He must have thought 'this is not a game, this is for real' and hit the panic button.
Hotel housekeepers in the Middle East say that panic buttons could be more of a nuisance then a necessity if a US initiative to equip housekeeping staff with the personal security devices was to be rolled out in this region.
And all 43 chief constables in this country gave them a signed letter and said: 'You need to put not just a device in there on every page of Facebook, there needs a panic button that can put them through not to a computer nerd in America or Dublin - which is the case at the moment - but the police'.
But the internet giant stopped short of adding a panic button to its pages -drawing criticism that it was not doing enough to deter potential offenders.
Summary: Facebook has "no objection in principle" to installing an anti-paedophile panic button on its site, Home Secretary Alan Johnson has said.
Aldridge said: "It's been a disappointing start but this is no time for pressing the panic button.