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Genus of anthropoid apes that includes the gorilla and chimpanzee. Pan panisus and Pan troglodytes are chimpanzee species used in biologic experiments.
[G. myth. god of forest]


polyarteritis nodosa.


Greek mythological god of the forest.
panic - extreme and unreasoning anxiety and fear.

polyarteritis nodosa

; PAN rare form of necrotizing vasculitis affecting medium-sized arteries (male:female ratio of 2:1) during the fourth to fifth decade of life, especially in hepatitis B-positive individuals, causing multisystem inflammation; presents as a vague systemic illness with muscle pains, mononeuritis multiplex (due to vasa nervorum involvement), abdominal pains, severe hypertension, chest pain, renal impairment, arthritis, claudication, cutaneous purpura, ulcers and gangrene; treated with immunosuppressive drugs and antiviral therapy
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Mounting a stool, he cautiously applied his eye to the pane of glass, from which secret post he could see Mr.
Hundreds of people stood in the pouring rain to behold the visions in the panes of the Toxteth school, while the authorities wondered what to do.
Without hiding the current document, task panes allow easy access to many features in Office.
When replacing windows look for the R-value of the panes, which marks the effectiveness of preventing heat loss.
Even though the protective cover, NSN 5865-01-109-1800, covers the set, a dropped wrench can still damage the glass mirror panes.
The default screen is divided into four panes containing respectively the text of the Bible (biased toward NIV, but nine English versions are provided as options, as well as the Hebrew and Greek texts); a Bible dictionary; a two volume commentary, and an analytical lexicon to the text in its original language (this pane also contains tabs that lead to Hebrew-English and Greek-English dictionaries).
This figure can be dramatically reduced by fitting double glazing, which basically involves replacing single panes of glass with a double sealed unit.
Each panel comprises two panes--an inner single laminated glass pane, and a 12mm outer monolithic one--which follow the same ellipsoidal profile.
In the first new frames are fitted with sealed unit double-glazing consisting of two panes of glass.
Four women were taken to hospital, two with serious head injuries, after the large panes fell on Husband Brothers dairy produce stall in January 1988.
The small diamond shaped panes are part of four large leaded windows, each containing six leaded panes.
A good time to consider double glazing is when your existing windows need replacing, as it will be more cost effective to fit the replacement frames with double glazed panes.