Pandy reaction

Pan·dy re·ac·tion

a test to determine the presence of proteins (chiefly globulins) in the spinal fluid, by adding one drop of spinal fluid to 1 mL of solution (for example, carbolic acid crystals in distilled water, cresol, or pyrogallic acid); the reaction varies from a faint turbidity to a dense "milky" precipitate according to the degree of protein content.
Synonym(s): Pandy test
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Kalman, Hungarian neurologist, 1868-1945.
Pandy reaction - a test to determine the presence of proteins in the spinal fluid. Synonym(s): Pandy test
Pandy test - Synonym(s): Pandy reaction
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No consistent central and peripheral nervous system disorder was noticed, neither based on patient history or physical and electrographic examination (EEG), nor based on the quality of cerebrospinal fluid (colorless, with a negative Pandy reaction and with glucose, electrolytes, and proteins in the normal range) and on neuroimaging (brain and brainstem SPECT and MRI).