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(pän′dər), Christian Heinrich 1794-1865.
Russian-born German anatomist and pioneer embryologist. With Karl Ernst von Baer he discovered the distinct structural layers of the chick embryo.
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Arriving officers stormed the apartment and put both Pander and Ledbetter in handcuffs until they had the situation under control.
Barca were unable to regain control of the midfield as Schalke kept up the pressure, with Fabian Ernst's shot only inches away from Asamoah after Pander had waltzed past Gianluca Zambrotta in the 70th minute.
United States (123) because there was no requirement that the material must have been pandered in a commercial context.
There was no denying the quality of his finish though after Micah Richards had capped a thrilling solo burst by slipping a pass inside Pander to provide Lampard with the chance to flash home his 13th England goal.
My husband says we should start scolding him but I'm inclined to pander to him for a few weeks.
Andrew's, Pander Harbour, have refused to vacate the church buildings as requested by the New Westminster diocesan council.
Slaughter (D-NY) and co-chair of the Congressional Pro-Choice Caucus said, "The FDA'S decision to ignore its own scientific advisory board and its own staff clearly demonstrates the leadership would rather pander to conservative interests than protect women's health and well-being."
Critics, however, worry that the classes pander to teen fascination with gore.
None of the stories pander to the reader, or tell a dry, stale expected tale.
In the medieval tale of Troilus and Cressida, as well as in William Shakespeare's play by the same name, Pandarus acted as the lovers' go-between; hence the word "pander."