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The diagnoses included 17 pancolitis, 10 left-sided colitis, and 19 proctitis type without significant differences in the distribution among the ME classifications and between the MVP types.
The long-standing course of disease (5), extensive colitis with severe inflammation (1,6,7), young age at diagnosis (8), the concomitant diagnosis of primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) (9), positive family history of CRC (10), and the presence of pseudopolyps and pancolitis with backwash ileitis (11) are some of the reported risk factors for developing CRC in patients with UC.
The macroscopic specimen revealed pancolitis, erythema, edema, fragility, and ulceration.
(36,37) Duodenal involvement by ulcerative colitis appears to be more common in those with pancolitis compared with those with left-sided colitis.
Problems with differential diagnosis of IBD are usually linked to: the effects of chronic inflammation and chronic treatment, failure to find features characteristic for CD (transmural, segmental inflammation, granulomas, deep, linear ulcerations, involvement of small intestine), rapid progress (overlapping of typical features of both UC and CD, macroscopic and microscopic), backwash ileitis--mild inflammation of last few centimeters of ileum, occurring in patients with pancolitis in the course of UC, discreet rectal changes in UC (relative rectal sparing) with the changes more intense proximal to the rectum [55].
VCN and ampicillin were added, but a new CTrevealed pancolitis and multiple hypodense lesions in the liver.
Risk of developing CAC in IBD patients is positively relevant to disease duration and the severity of inflammation such as pancolitis [5,7,8].
Ulcerative colitis involves the rectum, and may affect part of the colon or the entire colon (pancolitis) in an uninterrupted pattern.
Disease location at presentation varies in pediatric IBD related with adult IBD.22 Paediatric UC frequently presents with aggressive phenotype with pancolitis and early time to first surgery compared to adult UC.20,23