Pancoast tumor

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Pan·coast tu·mor

any carcinoma of the lung apex causing the Pancoast syndrome by invasion or compression of the brachial plexus and stellate ganglion.

Pancoast tumor

Pulmonary sulcus tumor Oncology A non-small cell lung CA arising in the upper lung, which extends to adjacent tissues–eg, ribs, vertebrae, etc. See Non-small cell lung CA, Pancoast syndrome.

Pancoast tumor

A tumor (usually from lung cancer) that spreads from the superior pulmonary sulcus into the brachial plexus and cervical sympathetic chain, producing Pancoast's syndrome.


Henry Khunrath, U.S. radiologist, 1875-1939.
Pancoast syndrome - lower trunk brachial plexopathy and Horner syndrome due to malignant tumor in the region of the superior pulmonary sulcus. Synonym(s): Hare syndrome
Pancoast tumor - adenocarcinoma of a lung apex causing Pancoast syndrome. Synonym(s): superior pulmonary sulcus tumor